Create business applications using no-code

Turn your company's data into software that helps you make decisions, without having to bug your developers

The best no-code platform for businesses


Build business applications on dedicated cloud workspaces.

No-code enterprise platform

Create business applications using reusable basic application blocks.

No-code studio

Use existing templates or create your own from scratch using no-code.

No SDLC to manage

Focus on the business need and see the results, without a dev environment

No-code connectors

Pull or push data using Point of Data (POD) no-code connectors.

Seamless platform updates

Leverage the latest features without any productivity disruptions.

How corebapp works?

Create your company's workspace

We create your workspace and assign dedicated cloud resources, starting with your namespace.

Integrate data from dispersed sources and systems

Configure REST, SOAP, ODBC, and others using no code to fetch your data.

Build Your Own App (BYOA) or start from an existing template

corebapp studio™ offers the chance to create your business app from scratch or import existing app templates.

What problems do we solve?

Optimize current business goals, without breaking the bank

IT teams are being asked to support business goals, but keep up with the technical debt at the same time.

Digital transformation platforms should adapt to your business, not the other way around

The digital transformation mission requires significant investments with external teams. corebapp no-code platform decreases time-to-market and increases business agility.

Your employees need a platform to develop their ideas and create business value

Employees struggle to find a simple business platform flexible for their needs. Developers strive to find the middle between creating a new app or adapting an existing platform.

What can you build with corebapp?

Customer-related business apps

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), CRMs, Customer Engagement Centers, Custtomer Support Portals, Customer Cases and more.

Employee-related business apps

Human Capital Management (HCMs), Workforce Management, Employee Advocacy Tools, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition, Remote Work Management.

Operational-related business apps

Product and Project Management, Administrative Management, Sales Performance Management (SPMs), Sales Content Management, Sales Enablement Platform, Subscription Management and more.

Start simplifying your business apps.
Without coding. Without IT.

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