No-Code Operations Intelligence PaaS is here.

Customers. Employees. Portfolio.
Unique management platform. No-Code Studio.

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No Code Platform-as-a-Service

corebapp is the unique enterprise-grade PaaS that offers the operational management of customers, employees and products portfolio from a single cloud-based console.

Unique PaaS
Enterprise Data Integration

Correlate. Predict. $ave.

Preparing an IPO with a clear P&L for your products? Predict if your customer will renew? Improving your business predictability?

Enterprise Operations Correlation Engine (C.E)
Enterprise Operations Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
Enterprise Operations Business Intelligence (O.B.I.)

Marketplace or BYOA

Choose your Human Capital Management app from the marketplace. Deploy it. Customize it using code, low-code, NO CODE.

Enterprise Apps Marketplace
Full No Code Studio
Developer SDK



Tales From Our Development Period

While pitching to a brilliant UX Engineer

Oh, so you're trying to build Wordpress for Enterprise apps?
John Doe - UX Engineer That Lost This Centicorn

Flexible pricing

Per usage, subscription-based, per user, you name it.

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