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Why Are No-Code Platforms A Fit For Enterprises in 2021?

Published by corebapp editorial team on
In short, everything nowadays is about efficiency - especially if we are talking about no-code platforms. Efficiency seems to drive our business decisions to a much faster outcome, negative or positive. But how do you create, spur, adapt, and nurture this “efficiency-oriented” culture inside your... Read Post

How Do You Name The User Of No-Code Platforms?

Published by corebapp editorial team on
If you look at the no-code/low-code platforms public information today, I must admit you can end up confused. You certainly read a lot about the benefits of these platforms, ranging from c... Read Post

Kubernetes and 3 reasons why choose it

Published by corebapp editorial team on
Kubernetes (k8s/kube) is an open-source system meant to help manage containers in a distributed environment. All important tasks should be achieved with it - from app life-cycle, service health, and world-renowned auto-scaling. The creator of this sublime software engineering was, o... Read Post

Top 8 Features That Your Next No-Code Platform Should Have in 2022

Published by corebapp editorial team on
Software engineers are continually searching for a proficient method to reduce input/output friction. They have been struggling for a very long time to make the system less time-consuming, cost-effective, and efficient. So, let us take you back in time when engineers were struggling with the basi... Read Post

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