Why Are No-Code Platforms A Fit For Enterprises in 2021?

In short, everything nowadays is about efficiency - especially if we are talking about no-code platforms. Efficiency seems to drive our business decisions to a much faster outcome, negative or positive. But how do you create, spur, adapt, and nurture this “efficiency-oriented” culture inside your business? Some say that pragmatism is the only way you can do it. We complete that by saying you will need at least two additional ingredients: People and Tools. 

Yes, it’s about People.

Companies are about people, and we don’t think that it’s a secret anymore, at least not in the year 2021, the year of “The Great Resignation.” The “secret” lies in the ability of a business to empower its employees to feel free, safe, and involved in something meaningful. Moreover, guiding them throughout their career, nurturing their talent, and investing in them without the fear of leaving appears to be the key to success when it comes to retaining people. It’s that simple. Then and only then will businesses benefit from efficient employees willing to uncover the best new possible means for a successful end. 

No-Code Platforms to uncover pure business efficiency

In today’s competitive market, businesses all over the world need to consider efficiency at breakfast, lunch, dinner, including in-between. Viewing performance implies they need to start looking everywhere. At corporate operations that delay projects closing, product development that eats up “Demo-Day” and increases costs, human resources that were massively invested in and got no ROI, customer care agents with low customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores plus marketers with negative net promoter score (NPS), and other money-eating examples. Integrated tools (or multiple stand-alone tools integrated via robotic process automation or RPA) can prove to be inflexible to long-term business strategy, corporate needs, custom metrics, and extraordinarily complex and pricey to have. With pandemic-budget-pressure mounting for businesses of all sizes, we believe a compelling candidate for cost-reduction, flexibility, and customization can be a no-code platform.

With extreme customer satisfaction in their focus and crushing-low budgets on their minds, your most efficient employees will design their vision of a problem-solving solution and put it in motion within 48 hours of work with the right no-code platform. The benefit of “seeing” a proposed answer in action as opposed to “thinking and approving” a possible plan outlines the very beginning of an efficiency-driven mindset in your organization. But this is just the start of a long journey towards efficiency optimization. 

Employee-Leader and No-Code Platforms 

Once a proof-of-solution to a business problem is built, an employee should consider researching the ease of platform flexibility, ease of maintenance, and security implementation, which will govern the platform and if there is any need for dedicated resources. All these main points will eventually set a final score for ease of enterprise-wide adoption. At this stage, we can only assume that an employee will have the strength to continue and not feel overwhelmed by the task at hand. At this stage, we heartily wish that the manager of that employee has recognized the true leadership potential and, together with HR, will fully support and assist him/her.  

What Should the C-level Do?

Hard to tell during this COVID-19 prolonged pandemic time. Every CEO out there is probably following immovable advice to freeze all unnecessary costs, additional investments, and prepare for the worst. But upon HR-signaling of potential leadership, it should probably do everything that stands in its power to keep visionary and involved employees tight to its company as long as possible. 

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