Digital content management for sales using no-code

Enterprise-grade no-code platform empowering you to leverage digital asset data for an increased sales performance

How will corebapp improve your sales?

No code drives faster time to market and faster revenue

Complex business applications can be tailored by administrators.

Sales plays with enagement, built by your experts

Craft your digital content into sales plays, per line of products or lines of business.

Guided onboarding experience

Build custom onboarding experience for your employees and partners

Centrally Manage Sales & Marketing Content

Digital asset management at the right time, for the right customer, with the right metrics.

What is corebapp no-code platform?

Enterprise-grade no-code platform empowering you to leverage customer, employee and operational data for better decision-making.


Build business applications on dedicated cloud workspaces.

100% no-code platform

Create business applications using reusable basic application blocks.

100% no-code studio

Use existing templates or create your own from scratch using no-code.

No SDLC to manage

Focus on the business need and instantly see the results, without a dev environment

100% no-code connectors

Pull or push data using Point of Data (POD) no-code connectors.

Continous no-code development

Leverage the latest features without any productivity disruptions.

Onboard New Talent

New talent onboarding application adapted to your needs and flexibility, not the other way around.


Continously Engage Existing Sales Force

New talent onboarding application adapted to your needs and flexibility, not the other way around.

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