corebapp no-code platform beta

The team invites you to express your interest in joining the most advanced beta program

This is a unique opportunity to get your opinion heard and shape the direction of components. The beta program requires your time and participation in activities such as integrating existing business apps with the platform using no-code, building business applications that use existing data, performing feature-specific exercises, and providing feedback to help improve the final product.

Please fill out this short survey to indicate your interest in joining the latest beta. Confirmed participants will be notified via email. Please note that all fields below are required.


What is No code?

No code is a software development method that requires no technical abilities to build an application from scratch.

How does No code work?

No code platforms are using millions of lines of code, which remain invisible to its users, as it is behind the graphical interface and the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) functionality.

What is the future of no code?

Fortunately, we've witnessed exponential technological progress in the past 40 years, and no code is the future of rapid software development for non-technical people.

What's the difference between low code and no code?

The main differences between low code and no code depend entirely on the user and his end-goal. But generally speaking, general criteria to differentiate the two can be reduced to functionality and flexibility.

Will no code replace developers?


Is no code the future?

In our opinion, no code platforms will soon be the go-to platform for non-technical users inside a company.

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