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Dec 1, 2023

For Immediate Release

Bucharest, Romania - 1 December 2023 -, a pioneering technology firm, today announced the launch of its revolutionary no-code platform, a first-of-its-kind cloud-native solution designed for enterprise-level application development. This innovative platform is set to transform the enterprise software landscape, offering unprecedented ease and flexibility in creating complex business applications.

"Today marks a milestone in enterprise software development. With our new no-code platform, we're not just simplifying application creation but empowering businesses to unleash their full potential and innovate. Our vision is to democratize technology, making it accessible to all, regardless of coding expertise. The platform at hand is a testimony to the unwavering commitment exhibited by toward innovation and the pursuit of progress. The platform's development has resulted from persistent effort and an unrelenting drive for excellence, which will be the hallmark of's operations.," said Colin PUETERS, CEO of's platform stands out with its infinite canvas for unlimited application development, robust enterprise access control, streamlined business process automation, and seamless data connectors. The platform has been specifically designed to address the intricacies and challenges that enterprises face in today's dynamic business climate. It is tailored to scale with your evolving business needs, providing a comprehensive solution to complex business processes. Our platform's efficacy in dealing with the intricacies of scaling businesses is unrivaled, facilitating efficient and effective business operations management.

The launch of signifies a significant advancement in the global no-code movement. The platform empowers users to create complex solutions without coding, ensuring ethical practices and continuous improvement. This commitment extends to providing extensive educational resources and fostering a collaborative community.

As the first cloud-native no-code platform,'s solution is not just a tool but a testament to the power of innovation in the tech industry. The platform is designed to simplify enterprise challenges, offering a path to more efficient, agile, and creative business solutions.


Based in Bucharest, Romania, is at the forefront of the no-code software revolution. The company specializes in innovative, user-friendly software solutions for enterprises, empowering businesses with the tools needed for efficient and effective software development.




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